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Upcoming Projects

The health, safety, and emotional wellbeing of our residents is our top priority at emery farm. These projects will allow us to offer the best forever home possible to our current residents, and will make it possible to welcome more animals in the future.

These projects would not be possible without the financial support of our emery farm friends and family! Please consider making a donation to help us make these projects a reality!


New Goat Paddock & Pasture

We will be dividing our goat family to make two goat herds - one with the boisterous, outgoing goats and another with the quiet crew. Before the rowdy group can move, we need to lay stone, build an overhang for their barn, and install a window in their barn. Before they can explore the new 2-acre pasture, we'll also need to add additional fencing.

New Bun Outdoor Enclosure

Our bunnies have enjoyed an outdoor enclosure they can access throughout the day. After lots of ground settling (and some landscaping from Emma and Oreo), their enclosure is in need of a major upgrade. We'd like the space to be completely accessible by humans so that we can adequately clean it daily. We also want to be sure they have plenty of enrichment to live their best bun lives.

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