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In Loving Memory



Sabine was one of the original residents of emery farm. She came with her twin, Griffin, and mama, Maple. Sabine was extremely curious and outgoing. She had a gorgeous pink nose and ice blue eyes.

Sadly we lost Sabine in January of 2021. She got out of the pasture and ate some leaves from an azalea bush, which is extremely toxic to goats. We tried everything to remove the toxins from her body, but we couldn’t save her.

We miss her every day and know she is always watching over us.

Bucky (Barnes)

Bucky joined emery farm in early December 2021 with his best friend, Steve, after they had some adventures roaming the town before they could be caught. Shortly after arriving, Bucky underwent castration surgery, but unfortunately his advanced age and breed made it difficult for him to recover. He passed away that same night. We are so sad that we never got to show him the  beautiful life we had planned for him here.

Bucky is buried in one of the pastures at emery farm under an oak tree. We will be installing a plaque for him in the Spring, where we can visit him any time. We will always love you, Bucky!

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